Mediation Consulting:

At Back to Yes, we provide individuals, law firms, corporate counsel, organizations, and non-profits with mediation consulting.

Mediation consulting is the creative process of assisting clients presently engaged in a conflict situation and addressing the dynamics inherent in their conflict. The process is often transformational, in converting negative situations of anger and frustration into creative negotiation tactics for their upcoming mediation.

Back to Yes offers mediation consulting and coaching to help lawyers and individuals deal with their case more constructively by analyzing, planning, and ultimately coming up with the winning strategy and ultimate goals.

Our lead mediator, Melissa Back, has conducted hundreds of mediations, allowing to her be an expert in the ins-and-outs of the mediation process and the negotiation. In turn, this enables her to help you organize, prep, strategize, and plan for your pending mediation. Additionally, Melissa has conducted 100 million dollar+ legal investigation for Fortune 500 companies, where in conjunction she worked with the Head of Compliance, CFO, and Lead General Counsel to formulate a strategy to more forward with winning solutions for their case and company.

Mediation consulting is conducted on two levels: (1) the individual level and (2) the team/organizational level.

  • Individual Level:
    • Mediation consulting assists a person to reflect on their conflict.
    • Examine their communication practices to use during mediation.
    • Develop problem-solving techniques and come up with a master plan for the case.
    • Gain insight on dispute resolution practices, specifically how the mediation process works, what to expect, and how to feel prepared for mediation.
  • Law Firm/Organizational Level:
    • Mediation consulting helps the attorneys to prep their clients, and with help of the mediator to analyze the strengths, weakness, and winning master plan for the case.
    • Mediation consulting/coaching can be used to help a team of lawyers come up with the winning negotiation strategy for their case.

Additionally, mediation consulting is an opportunity for a private, confidential, one-on-one session(s) to deal with a specific strengths, weaknesses, and possible outcomes of your case in the negotiation phase and mediation.