The Benefits of Elder Care Mediation:
Decision affecting your aging loved ones are often challenging to discuss, but with the help of a mediator, it can be a quality conversation
between family members who are struggling with elder care issues.  Elder care mediation imageshelps families clarify their problems, focus on the real Listen-to-Your-Eldersissues at hand, and preserves family relationships. 

Mediation provides family members the opportunity to engage in a meaningful discussion so that they can come to a resolution together. Elder care mediation benefits families by allowing them see a variety of options and to focus on the best interest of their parent. Mediation allows families to help their parent maintain a sense of dignity by being involved in the decision making process as much as possible. Mediation is cost effective, saves time, and may help avoid guardianship proceedings in court.

Mediation topics:
Family members choose the topics that they want to discuss. Problems that families encounter are varied but may include:

  • Housing and living arrangements
  • Independent living, assisted living, nursing homes
  • Hiring caregivers
  • Personal care, socializing opportunities, and nutritious meals
  • Medical care
  • Financial management
  • Legal concern
  • Other driving concerns 

The Elder Care Mediation Process:
Mediation is an informal process that allows each family member time to voice their concerns and offer suggestions to resolve conflicts. As your elder care mediator, I lead an organized discussion between family members. We meet together so each member can truly hear what someone else is saying. During the meeting I may have private conversations with each participant as well, so that information and suggestions can be given in a more private manner. 

images-1A mediator is not a judge and does not make decisions for the family. Likewise, a mediator is not the family’s attorney and does not provide legal advice. The mediation process empowers the family to come together and work out an agreement between themselves. At Back to Yes, we will help families discuss their unique set of problems so that they can come to an agreement in a cost effective, hassle-free and time-effective manner.